Aurelio Galli

An accomplished postsecondary physiology and biophysics educator, Aurelio Galli holds a doctor of science and a doctor of philosophy (PhD) from the State University of Milan (UNIMI) in Milan, Italy. While attending UNIMI, he served as a research associate with the Department of Neuropharmacology and as a teaching assistant with the Department of Physiology and Biochemistry. Aurelio Galli began his decades-long affiliation with Vanderbilt University accepting a research instructor position with the Vanderbilt’s Department of Pharmacology.

He currently instructs Vanderbilt students as a professor of both physiology and psychiatry. Dr. Galli’s duties include directing a course in the neurobiology of addiction and spearheading research efforts that seek to further scientific understanding of the molecular mechanisms that underlie drug addiction and the development of obesity. He also serves as associate director for research strategy at the Vanderbilt Brain Institute.

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